Motel / Hotel on and near motorway

You want a weekend away or have decided where to go on holiday, you can of course choose to stay in one place, for example in a pension in Spain or at a campsite. But you can also choose to make a tour through the United Kingdom! England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are interesting and beautiful enough to explore and see. Stop along the way at one of the beautiful and fine hotels along the way. For example, you can see the entire country in a pleasant way with your car or with your camper/motorhome or with your motorcycle. But which motorways are the most important?

The most important UK motorways

First of all, we would like to tell you which motorways are the most important in the United Kingdom and then we will tell you which hotels are close to the motorway, so that you know in which hotels you can spend the night along the main motorways of the United Kingdom. Let’s start with perhaps the most important motorway: the M25, this motorway is also known as the London Orbital and this motorway forms the ring road of London and in addition to the main motorway in the United Kingdom, it is also the busiest motorway in the whole country.

M1Londen – Northampton – Leicester – Nottingham – Sheffield – Leeds
M2(Londen) – Rochester – Gillingham – Faversham – (Canterbury)
M3Londen – Basingstoke – Southampton
M4Londen – Reading – Swindon – Bristol – Newport – Cardiff – Swansea
M5Birmingham – Worcester – Gloucester – Bristol – Exeter
M6(Londen) – Northampton – Birmingham – Stoke-on-Trent – Liverpool/Manchester – Preston – Carlisle – Schotland (M74)
M6 TollBirmingham North Ring Road
M8Edinburgh – Livingston – Glasgow – Port Glasgow
M9Edinburgh – Falkirk – Stirling – Dunblane
M10M1 – St Albans
M11Londen – Cambridge
M18Sheffield – Doncaster – Goole – (Kingston upon Hull)
M20Londen – Maidstone – Ashford – Folkestone
M23Londen – Crawley
M25Londen ring road
M26Sevenoaks – Maidstone
M27Cadnam – Southampton – Portsmouth
M32Winterbourne – Bristol
M40Londen – High Wycombe – Oxford – Birmingham
M42Birmingham South Ring Road
M45(Coventry) – Rugby – (Northampton)
M48Bristol – Newport (Old M4, Severn Bridge)
M49Bristol – Second Severn Crossing
M50Tewkesbury – Ross-on-Wye
M53(Liverpool) – Wallasey – Ellesmere Port – Chester
M54Birmingham – Wolverhampton – Telford
M55Preston – Blackpool
M56Manchester – Warrington – Chester
M57Liverpool East Ring Road
M58(Liverpool) – Maghull – Skelmersdale – Wigan
M60Manchester ring road
M61Manchester – Bolton – Preston
M62Liverpool – Warrington – Manchester – Huddersfield – Bradford – Leeds – Goole – Kingston upon Hull
M65(Preston) – Blackburn – Burnley – Colne
M66(Accrington) – Stubbins – Bury – Manchester
M67Manchester – Hyde
M69Coventry – Leicester
M73Uddingston (Glasgow) – Cumbernauld
M74Glasgow – Engeland (M6)
M77Glasgow – Kilmarnock
M80Glasgow – Stirling
M90(Edinburgh) – Inverkeithing – Dunfermline – Perth
M96Private road from the Fire Service College in Moreton-in-Marsh
M180Doncaster – Scunthorpe – Barnetby – (Grimsby / Kingston upon Hull)
M181M180 – Scunthorpe
M271M27 – Totton
M275M27 – Portsmouth
M602M60 / M62 – Manchester
M606M62 – Bradford
M621(Bradford) – Gildersome – Leeds – Rothwell – Sheffield
M876(Glasgow) – Denny – Falkirk
M898Falkirk – Erskine Bridge

A(M) roads

A1(M)– M25 Potters Bar – Welwyn Garden City – Stevenage – Baldock
– Huntingdon – Peterborough
– Blyth – Doncaster – Adwick le Street
– Pontefract – Dishforth
– Ripon Barton – Darlington – Durham – Newcastle upon Tyne
A3(M)Horndean – Havant – (Portsmouth)
A38(M)Birmingham-North – Birmingham-Centre
A48(M)M4 Newport – Cardiff
A57(M)Manchester South Inner Ring
A58(M)Northern Inner Ring of Leeds
A64(M)Eastern Inner Ring of Leeds
A66(M)A1(M) Cleasby – Darlington
A74(M)M74 Glasgow – M6 Manchester
A167(M)Road through the center of Newcastle upon Tyne
A194(M)A1(M) Washington – Tyne Tunnel
A308(M)M4 Holyport – Bray
A329(M)Reading – Wokingham – Bracknell
A404(M)M4 Holyport – Maidenhead
A601(M)M6 Carnforth – Warton
A627(M)Rochdale – Oldham
A823(M)Inverkeithing – Dunfermline

Motorways in Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland motorway system has a separate numbering system exclusively for Northern Ireland.

M1Belfast – Lisburn – Craigavon – Dungannon
M2Belfast – Newtown Abbey – Antrim; Bypass of Ballymena
M3Shortcut in Belfast
M5Belfast – Newtownabbey
M12M1 – Craigavon
M22(Antrim) – Randalstown
A(M) roadsRoute
A8(M)M2 – Newtownabbey

Did you know that this London Orbital is not only the most important and busiest motorway in the United Kingdom, but also one of the longest ring roads in the world? That is of course because London is an insanely large city, so that a ring road around the entire city automatically makes this ring road very long, so long that the London Orbital has become one of the longest ring roads in the world. But which motorways are even more important in the UK? The Birmingham Box is also a very important motorway in the UK and we’d love to tell you a lot more about it below.

Why is the Birmingham Box one of the major motorways?

Together with the London Orbital, the Birmingham Box is one of the most important motorways in the United Kingdom, this is because this name actually connects several motorways, namely the M5, the M6 ​​and the M42 and together they form an important link in the United Kingdom and thus also connect other cities. In addition, you will undoubtedly drive on this motorway if you are going to make a road trip through the United Kingdom and then you will certainly drive over the London Orbital and the Birmingham Box. But you will undoubtedly also drive over the beautiful M60. Where does the M60 actually take you?

The M60 is the motorway along Manchester and is also one of the main motorways in the UK. The cities of London, Birmingham and Manchester are therefore important cities when it comes to the motorways that run along them and the hotels you can visit in these cities. If you want to make a road trip through the United Kingdom, by car or camper or even by motorbike, it is useful to include these important motorways in your route and also look at which hotels you stay in. can stay in the cities we have listed: London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Which hotels can you visit in London, Birmingham and Manchester?

In these paragraphs we would like to tell you more about which special hotels you can visit in London, Birmingham and Manchester and about the hotels that connect to the main motorways you will take during your road trip through the beautiful United Kingdom. For example, there is a beautiful hotel in Birmingham that we would like to recommend to you. This hotel used to be a castle and that is why it is very special to sleep here. The name of the hotel is Castle Bromwich Hall and a night’s sleep in this hotel costs 83 euros. This is not so bad and then you have a great experience: sleeping in an old castle.

Are there special hotels along the main motorways in the other cities in the UK? Certainly. How about the The Cow Hollow Hotel in Manchester? It is difficult to describe why this hotel is so great, but it is mainly the authentic atmosphere that it evokes and the special finish of the hotel rooms. And you will also find considerable luxury when staying overnight. A hotel stay at The Cow Hollow Hotel in Manchester costs at least 115 euros per night. We wish you the best of luck planning a great road trip on the UK’s motorways.